As we enter our 5th Year, the Athena Film Festival is proud to have offered a history of unique panels, conversations, and standalone events featuring powerful women leaders. To name a few: 

In 2011, we highlighted a panel of women documentarians — those filmmakers who have been telling powerful stories of people facing extraordinary hardships to ensure their stories help change minds and find solutions to the problems they highlight.

In 2012, we featured a Hollywood Conversation with Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley — the first mother-daughter team to create a television show.

In 2013, in conjunction with the Sundance Institute, we presented a panel charged with examining the submissions and selections for the Sundance Film Festival to determine whether gender makes a difference.

In 2014, co-hosted by the Women in Film Foundation, we presented a panel titled Tales from the Trenches — featuring iconic women whose careers are rooted in the myths and legends of filmmaking.


For our 5th Festival, we’d like to open up suggestions to the public. What kinds of panels would you like to see featured? Topics…panelists…highlights — what it is important to you and what do you feel is important to the advocacy of women’s leadership in film?


Fill Out the Form Below to Send Your Suggestions! (Send by Nov. 9)

[Disclaimer: Thank you so much for your suggestions and submissions.  We are most appreciative of all the good ideas that come our way.  As you can imagine, programming the festival is a complex undertaking that requires us to balance many competing ideas and resources.  Therefore all decisions about programming must remain the responsibility of festival staff. Should your idea be used, we will notify you, but please know there is no guarantee that we will use your suggestions for programs or panelists.]