The Athena Film Festival is proud to announce the creation of the Athena List, which will highlight between 3-5 completed screenplays with strong leading female characters that have yet to be made into films. The first group of selected screenplays on the Athena List will be announced at the festival.

According to the Center for the Study of Women in TV and Film, in 2011 only 33% of all characters in the top 100 grossing films were women, and only 11% were the protagonist of the story.  This represents a decrease from 16% in 2002.   The lack of strong female characters in movies is striking, and makes producing and financing films that star women all the more difficult.  

The first group of completed scripts on the Athena List will be announced at the 2014 Athena Film Festival — a celebration of women and leadership — which will take place from February 6-9, 2014 at Barnard College in NYC.


Please note: At this time, the Athena Film Festival is NOT requesting screenplay submissions. Unsolicited scripts will not be considered.